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iOS Applications for iPhone & iPad

Our development approach covers both, web and native iOS applications. Once we have a solid understanding of our customer requirements, as well as the potential mobile solutions to match those needs, we refine these concepts into a concise project plan to share with our customer.

Designing Apps

Creating a basic iPhone or iPad app is easy. However, highly successful apps take a little more effort. What makes the most successful apps appealing? They have an attractive design and make excellent use of colors and audio. They’re simple to use and work as expected, keep the user involved, and coming back again and again. By paying close attention to design when you build a new app or enhance an existing app, you can increase its appeal, create a more engaging user experience, and make your app delightful to use.

Purpose of an App

One of the most important elements in defining a project plan is to make a concise definition of a future app’s purpose.

Once we have the app’s purpose fully understood and wire-framed, we can help our clients every step of the way, from planning, strategy, branding and design, through to development and deployment.

Building Innovative Apps

With iOS you can deliver content and information in simple, yet powerful new ways to help your employees be more productive. Leveraging the native iOS SDK, our development team builds apps using some of the same tools, frameworks, and technologies that Apple engineers use to build the apps that ship with every iPhone and iPad. This enables us to create apps that look, feel, and respond to users elegantly and with maximum efficiency. Native applications can take full advantage of device-specific hardware capabilities such as the accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, camera, microphone, or even third-party accessories through the 30-pin dock connector or Bluetooth. Native applications can also use frameworks to access data from on‑board applications such as Contacts, Calendar, Mail, or Maps.


Given iOS's popularity among enterprises and consumers alike, it's important to understand the best practices for ensuring that mobile apps handle sensitive data appropriately. Apple provides support for complex, alphanumeric passwords, password-based encryption to improve file protection and file-level encryption to eliminate the flaws of full disk encryption.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

MDM gives businesses the ability to manage large scale deployments of iPhone and iPad.

These capabilities in iOS give IT departments the ability to securely enroll devices in an enterprise environment, wirelessly configure and update settings, monitor compliance with corporate policies, and remotely wipe or lock managed devices.

MDM Architecture

To communicate with an iOS device, Mobile Device Management (MDM) servers use the Apple Push Notification service. This lightweight, scaleable service provides a way to wake up the device, so it can check-in with the MDM server to retrieve pending actions or queries. Using the Apple Push Notification service enables MDM servers to keep in contact with a device without affecting performance or battery life.

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